Zlato vzrastie v prvom štvrťroku

Podľa Barclays stále existujú podporné elementy, ktoré by mohli udržať cenu zlata v prvom štvrťroku na súčasných event. vyšších úrovniach. Q1 zároveň udá trend, akým sa zlato bude uberať počas zbytku roka.

Despite the rollercoaster start to the year for gold, the first quarter still could hold supportive elements for gold prices, said Barclays in a daily commodity snippet.

Although the bank sees the potential for price strength in early 2013, the gold market faces some challenges.

"In our view, the hurdles are mounting for gold, particularly in light of the soft physical market, failing to respond as a safe-haven asset, slowdown in investor interest and sidelining dollar weakness which makes first quarter price action important for the metal,” the British bank added.

Článok: www.commodityonline.com/news/gold-prices-could-rise-in-the-first-quarter-of-2013-barclays-52246-3-52247.html


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