Bude cukor dobrou investíciou?

Cukor klesol od dosiahnutého maxima v 2006 o 50%. Pri súčasných hodnotách je to potenciálna príležitosť na nákup. Spotreba cukru má stúpajúci trend.

Sugar is one commodity that I feel is a long-term value buy at this level (with potentially some further downside movement). It has declined by greater than 50% from its highs and I believe that it is now setting up for a steady march up towards new highs.

One of the main reasons corn prices have skyrocketed over the last year has had to do with the increase in ethanol demand. Ironically, sugar-based ethanol is more efficient than corn-based ethanol and more widely used worldwide. Nevertheless, the hype and speculation behind corn-based ethanol in the United States did not occur in sugar. Additionally, there was an increased demand of sugar canes that was planted in Brazil to meet this upcoming ethanol demand as well as record crop supplies from other parts of the world that provided downward pressure on sugar.

Another important fundamental factor to note was that China began selling off some of its sugar reserves last year to combat rising sugar prices. I fully expect China to be strong buyers as they not only look to restock their reserves, but also to meet rising demand.

Globálna spotreba cukru

Source: GoldS


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