Komoditné trhy priťahujú peniaze

Odhaduje sa, že do komoditných trhov sa v roku 2007 môže k súčasným asi 110mld USD investovať ďalších 25mld USD. V roku 2000 sa napr. investovalo len okolo 5mld USD.

Commodities may attract as much as another $25 billion of investment this year, with most of that going into funds tracking indexes, said Fimat USA LLC, a securities and commodities brokerage.

That would add to an estimated $110 billion already invested in commodities including crude oil, metals and agricultural products, the New York-based company said in a Jan. 9 report. Investors will continue to expect gains in commodity prices this year and seek to spread the risk in their holdings, Fimat said.

``Commodities should continue to be looked at by investors in a positive light and as a way to diversify their portfolios,'' Michael McDougall, a senior vice president on the Latin America desk in New York, said in the report. ``We still expect at least an injection of $5 billion with a gradual increase during the year of perhaps another $10-20 billion.''

Economic expansion in China, the world's most populous country, has spurred a rally in commodity prices that started in 2001. Oil, copper and other raw materials rose to records last year on production shortages. The rally has attracted investors looking to increase their returns with asset classes considered riskier than stocks and bonds.


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