Komoditné boom bude pokračovať

Investície do oblasti komodít vzrástli z US$5 mld. v roku 2000 na súčasných takmer US$120 mld.

The commodity price boom is here to stay as money flows from the investment community are expected to surge because the asset class acts as a hedge in almost any portfolio, said Commerzbank senior analyst Eugen Weinberg.

As a result of this effect, total funds allocated by investors to the commodities space have grown from around 5 bln usd in 2000 to some 120 bln usd today.

And Weinberg for one believes investment flows are going to continue swelling at these rates over the next few years notwithstanding the already astronomical increase to date.

'One can say it's not going higher from here but I'm comparing 120 bln usd to the trillions invested in equities. If investors decide to put just 5 pct of their investments in commodities this 120 bln will go up 50 fold again.'

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