DOW - jeden zo scenárov

25% v nasledujúcich mesiacoch, potom opätovné testovanie októbrového dna...

The SM may rally 25% over the next month(s) (back to the broken support levels), before rolling over again next year, to re-test or drop below the current lows - possibly a drop in the DOW below 7000 and the S&P to about 600. I'm looking for a back-to-back 35-40% decline in the SM in 2008 and 2009, with the anticipated 25% bear rally in between.

We had the biggest SM bull market of all time. I expect we'll also have the nastiest bear ever seen.

Gold often does well during bear rallies and the early stages of bear declines. The later segments of bear downlegs is often bad for gold - as we just saw, with gold rising Sep-Mar (the early part of the bear downleg) and struggling in Apr-Oct (the late part of the bear downleg).


Watch in 2009 :  GMO, LPSN, URZ, USU, SDA, GNVC, HNT, SRLM a mining juniors 


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