VODA – najcennejšia komodita na planéte

Podľa vedcov v súčasnosti nie je na planéte viac pitnej vody, než jej bolo pred 1 mil. rokmi. Na druhej strane sa populácia planéty zvýšila na 6 mld. ľudí každodenne usilujúcich sa zabezpečiť si potrebné množstvo pitnej vody.

What a time to be in the water business. The amount of available fresh water around the world is falling at an alarming rate.

And companies that are in a position to do something about it – bringing more reserves on line, constructing water treatment facilities and new pipelines – are not only helping communities and countries...they’re reaping enormous profits for shareholders.

That’s why Fortune magazine calls water, “One of the great business opportunities” out there. The world’s water supply is under the worst strain in history.

The World Bank calls today’s water shortage a “crisis.” And the United Nations declared that the grim new reality “lies at the heart of our survival and that of our planet.” No wonder. Consider these facts:

Two billion people do not have access to safe drinking water.

Water-related deaths claim the lives of nine out of ten children worldwide.

700 million Chinese regularly wake up to empty taps. More facts: www.water.org/resources/waterfacts.htm

Water bans are in effect right now in some of the least likely places – Australia, Canada, even England. The fact is, there is no more water on the planet today than there was one million years ago, scientists say. But there are six billion more people vying for clean water - the most precious commodity in the world...more valuable than oil, more essential than electricity, more necessary than any single commodity imaginable.

Source: U-Invest


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