KUKURICA – technický pohľad

Vo všeobecnosti sa v / a po roku 2007 neočakáva výrazný pokles cien hlavných agrikultúrnych komodít.

Kukurica, ktorá sa používa aj na výrobu etanolu, je v súčasnosti na rastúcom trende. Po krátkej konsolidácii k úrovni $320 sa predpokladá atakovanie úrovne $500 v druhej polovici roku 2007.

First cycle of a boom comes in raw materials, the second part of the cycle comes in food and at the end of commodities cycle they come together. Last year there was 52% run up in price and at the end of the year it came into consolidation. As corn is used for an alternative fuel, it’s an adding component to the overall demand for food. We expect much further to the upside. The high in 1996 will be taken out probably in 2007-2008.

World is slowly running out of the food and no big sell-off in agricultural commodities is expected anytime soon. 6 bn. people have a demand for food and this is a driving factor.

Kukurica - technický pohľad

Kukurica - technický pohľad

Source: G-Vision


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